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Keep files for each study organized and accessible. Use images throughout the research process.

Integrating File Storage

The first step to managing files in Handrail is to set up file storage integration with your organization's preferred cloud storage provider.

See the article: Integrating File Storage


Attaching Files to a Study

Keep track of any files related to a study by uploading those files to the study itself:

  1. Open the study.
  2. Navigate to the Summary tab.
  3. Open the Files panel on the right side of the screen.
  4. Select "Add". (Cloud storage must be connected for this option to be available.)
  5. The file you select will be uploaded to your organization's cloud storage provider in a folder for this study. It will also be displayed in the study's Files panel within Handrail for easy reference and access.



Using Images Throughout the Research Process

See the following articles to learn more about how images can be used throughout the research process in Handrail: