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Planning Research

Capture your research objectives and other details that describe why the research is being done and what it entails.

The Plan page of a study allows you to capture the following information:

  • Title of the study
  • Purpose of the study — objectives, why the research is being done
  • Participant criteria — screener information for recruiting
  • Study timeline — when the research will take place
  • Team members — who will be involved in conducting the research
  • Location — can be used to specify remote or in-person research or capture the region where the research is taking place 



The Research Plan page is currently limited to the items above but will allow for custom sections in the future. Does your organization capture specific types of information during the planning process? Let us know what your research plans look like! We'd love for you to share your needs with us to help us improve research planning in Handrail.

Using Images in a Research Plan


To add an image to a document in Handrail, use the Add Image button in the text editor toolbar:




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