Analysis Board 2.0 — Real Time Collaboration + Focus for More Effective Data Analysis

Handrail’s built-in workflow for analyzing user research data just got better. We rebuilt the Analysis Board from the ground up for better performance, smoother drag and drop functionality, real-time collaboration, and features to keep you focused on the data. Let’s take a look.

A focus on the data

The data analysis process in Handrail begins with capturing individual snippets of data (e.g. participant utterances, researcher observations, etc.) on cards. The new card layout is more consistent and has an improved hierarchy that focuses on the data.

Silky smooth drag and drop

When you’re in that flow state, you need your tools to flow too. Organizing groups and moving cards around on the board is now super smooth.

Color options for enhanced accessibility

Different practitioners have different aesthetic preferences and accessibility needs. Now, you can choose to display full color cards…

… and switch to high contrast mode.

Real-time collaboration

These days, more people are working remotely than ever before. Now, whenever you’re collaboratively analyzing data at a distance, you’ll see indicators of who is making changes, in real-time.

Panning for quick navigation

If you use a mouse, it can be a pain to scroll horizontally. We’ve built a handy Pan Mode that allows you to drag around to quickly navigate a large board, especially when you don’t have the benefit of swiping on a trackpad.

Additional features for a streamlined workflow

While we were at it, we built in several features to make analyzing data in Handrail more efficient.

Inline group creation

Don’t scroll to the end of the board just to add another group. Create one wherever you need it.

Always visible group titles

No matter where you are on the board, you can know where you are. Move cards with confidence without having to scroll back up to check the name of a group.

Immediate response filters

No more waiting to reload when using filters. Select a filter and the board responds right away. When filtering by tags, you can see how many times each tag has been used.

Our goal with the new Analysis Board is to help user researchers analyze data more efficiently and collaboratively so they can get to better insights faster. We hope you enjoy the new board. Once you’ve had a chance to use it yourself, let us know what you think! We would love your feedback.

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