A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Images on Insights and the Analysis Board

We’ve just added a ton of visual impact to your workflow inside of Handrail. With support for images on insights and the analysis board, you can easily reference photos, diagrams, and sketches while analyzing data and reviewing insights.

Cover Images for Insights

Cover images give you the ability to provide an impactful visual representation for each insight. This can help your team more deeply engage with the research and develop a better understanding of its implications.

Images on the Analysis Board

User researchers and designers reference all kinds of visual artifacts when analyzing data and crafting insights:  

  • Photos taken during interviews
  • Screenshots of a prototype
  • Whiteboard sketches
  • Data visualizations

That’s why we’re also excited to bring support for images to the Analysis Board.

Each card can have its own image. Simply click any image to see it close up.

We’ll be continuing to improve the use of images in Handrail, so let us know what you think!

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Images in this post attributed to the the following contributors on Unsplash:
Anh Vy · Bundo Kim · Danae Paparis · Halacious · Kaleidico · Luke Chesser · Mark · Martin Sanchez · New Data Services · Sebastian Scholz (Nuki) · Zane Lee

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