New Features: Insight Tagging & Tags Taxonomy Manager

The Handrail team is excited to announce the release of insight tagging and the tags taxonomy manager. You can now go beyond the individual study and start making connections between insights across studies. Curate insights and govern your organizations tag taxonomy.

Tagging Insights

You can now tag insights directly—no more relying exclusively on the tags of related evidence cards. Use insight tags to surface the relationships between insights across studies. Just search for a tag to pull up all insights that have that tag applied.

Tags Taxonomy Manager

With the taxonomy manager, you can create and edit all your tags and tag categories in one place. This means that organizations can set up a taxonomy that is meaningful and specific to their organization and use it to organize research in Handrail—making it that much easier to find and use!

Tag Categories

A key feature of tags in Handrail is the ability to organize them into categories that mirror how your organization talks about what it is that you do and the people you serve.

Official & Freeform Tags

Another key feature of the tags taxonomy is the ability to differentiate between “official” and “freeform” tags. Create official tags to serve as a controlled vocabulary, and let freeform tags emerge from the research process. For example, you may choose to more strictly govern the tags that get applied to participants and insights, using official tags, but let team members create new freeform tags when they are analyzing data and creating cards for any particular study.

We’re looking forward to seeing how different teams take advantage of the taxonomy manager. And now that it’s in place, you can expect other great features to be around the corner. Stay tuned!

Enhanced Tagging Experience

We improved tag assignment with advanced auto-suggest search for quick reuse and avoiding duplication.

Once you get a chance to try it out, we’d love to hear what you think! Get in touch.

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