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Handrail is a UX research and insights repository helping
enterprise teams succeed with research at scale.

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Streamline Workflows

Reduce the complexity of research
workflows. Manage participants, plan
research, conduct unlimited research
sessions and surveys, and capture
insights—all in one place.


Centralize Data

Store raw data, notes, images, and video.
Reference external sources of data. Attach
files to studies to keep them organized.
Create a tag taxonomy to never lose
important insights again.

Plan & Conduct Research 

Draw from a private pool of participants or
import participants from another tool.
Quickly develop interview guides using the
question library. Conduct interviews and
take notes as a team.

Collaborate with Your Team

Have team members observe and take
notes during interviews, following along in
the interactive interview guide. Analyze data
together remotely with real-time
collaboration on the analysis board.

Analyze Data & Discover Insights

Develop insights to help you achieve
product/market fit, drive UX/CX strategy,
and decide when it’s time to pivot before
large financial loss.

Share Broadly While Protecting Privacy

Share research throughout your
organization, responsibly and securely.
Handrail’s Enterprise Sharing option keeps
participant privacy protected while keeping
stakeholders informed.

Handrail saves us so much time. 

We really needed this central place to keep insights. Now, we can easily go in and answer - what do we already know?

Angie Amon

Senior UX Research Manager


Plan, collect, analyze, and share your user research

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