Changing Settings for Your Organization

The Settings page gives the Admin control over the name of the organization, storage integration, exporting data, and permissions for managing resources.

Changing the Name of the Organization


To change the name of your organization:

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings.
  2. Under the Organization Details section, edit the name of the organization.
  3. Select Save. 



Integrating File Storage


For details on integrating file storage, see the following article:

Integrating File Storage


Exporting Data


The "Export All Data" button under Settings allows the Admin to export research data from all workspaces in the organization in CSV format.

Data may also be exported for individual studies from the Results page of each study.


Setting Permissions for Managing Resources


Each organization has their own preferences for who should be able to create and edit various items in the system. Handrail currently provides the ability to control the following items:

  • Who can create new participants
  • Who can manage the tag taxonomy
  • Where freeform tags can be created

For more details on managing tags, see the following article: Tags


Have a request for a setting that would be useful for your organization? Let us know!




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