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Connecting Insights with Collections

Connect insights across studies, present emerging themes, and tell the stories of your users.


What are Collections?

With a collection, you can pull insights together to capture and describe the relationships between them.
With each study, your team develops insights that give you a better understanding of your users. However, some of the most valuable knowledge can come from making connections between insights across studies. For example, you might make similar observations over several months during different studies. Or you might be able to identify a higher level theme coming out of a body of research that you would not have been able to see by only looking at the individual insights in each study.
As with other items in Handrail, like summary reports and individual insights, you can share collections with your stakeholders via a share link.

The Elements of a Collection

Every collection has the following elements:
  • Insights — A collection does not have to have any insights associated with it, but gathering insights is the primary purpose of a collection.
  • Cover image or video — Optionally provide visual framing/explanation for a collection.
  • Title — Identify the key purpose, topic, or theme that a collection is built around.
  • Content — Compose a narrative and provide context around a collection of insights. 
  • Tags — Ensure that this collection is easily discoverable by others in your organization.

Creating a Collection

To create a collection, go to the Collections tab in any workspace.
Collections may contain insights from any workspace across your organization, but the collection itself lives in a single workspace.
If you are routinely creating collections that contain insights from multiple workspaces, we recommend creating a new workspace dedicated to housing these higher level collections or creating a tag to identify them when searching the repository.

Adding Insights to a Collection

There are two ways to add insights to a collection:
  • OPTION 1: From an insight (e.g. in search results)
    1. Select Add to Collection under the actions menu for that insight.
    2. Then, specify which collection you would like to add the insight to or create a new one.
  • OPTION 2: From a collection
    1. Select +Add within the Insights section.
    2. Then, specify which insight you would like to add to the collection.