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Browsing Insights

Explore your organization's insights to discover what has been learned.

The quickest way to find existing research in Handrail is to use the global search bar, which searches across your organization's repository (see Searching the Repository for details). However, you may also be interested in browsing insights to see what has been learned on a particular topic.

Browsing Insights by Tags

  1. Navigate to the Home page — Open the menu (top left corner of the screen) and select Home or select the search icon 🔍(top right corner).
  2. Select an insight tag — If your organization has tagged insights in Handrail, the tags associated with those insights will be listed on the Home page. Select a tag to view all the insights associated with that tag.


The Home page lists all tags that have been applied to insights:



Selecting an insight tag on the Home page shows all insights associated with that tag:



Select an insight to view the details panel:



From the details panel, you can open the insight within its original context, the associated study:



Browsing Insights within Studies

In addition to browsing insights by tags, you can also browse the insights within individual studies.

  1. Select the Studies tab within search results
  2. Select a study to open the details panel
  3. Scroll down in the details panel to the Insights section 


Select a study within search results and view associated insights:




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