New Feature Announcement: Cloud Storage Integration

Handrail has Integrated Cloud Storage UX Research Repository

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Handrail’s UX Cloud Storage Integration Keeps Your Team Organized

Working in a team can mean research artifacts get lost or saved to personal folders and never seen again. Searching for these artifacts is time-consuming and frustrating.

We’re excited to introduce you to our newest feature: Handrail’s UX Cloud Storage Integration, the perfect way to organize and keep track of your important research materials.

Handrail allows you to integrate a Dropbox or Google Drive storage account so you and your team can upload, store, and access all of the important research material associated with the project. These files can be seen and accessed in the Files tab and in the Summary tab located inside each individual Study. Now you’ll have access to all of your research materials in one spot, including:

  • Audio/video files
  • Project briefs
  • Important documents
  • Design artifacts
  • Concept drawings
  • Images
  • Reports

Bring research projects to life with visuals

Integrating storage also allows you to add images to rich text areas throughout the application. You’ll be able to include visuals of concepts that participants can reference for specific research questions or visual cues for people facilitating research sessions. You’ll also be able to enhance personas and summaries with additional images.

Getting started is easy

All you’ll need to get started is an active cloud storage account with Dropbox or Google Drive and a folder created specifically for the project. 

About Handrail

We built Handrail to help teams collaborate throughout the entire user research process. Plan, collect, analyze, store, and share your research all in one location. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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