Introducing Reference Study and more!

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Perform analysis on data collected outside of Handrail
You can now use Handrail’s note taking, analysis, and insights management features with research activities that were conducted outside of Handrail such as:

  • Card Sorts
  • Surveys
  • Unmoderated User Tests
  • Analytics

Just create a new “reference” study, add the URL, description, date, and tags. Then you can view the source to take notes, create cards and complete your analysis all the way through insight creation.

ResearchOps: You can now centralize and search all of your research!
Log your existing research and related files in Handrail using the new Reference Study. Capture the purpose, source, summary report, related files, and insights for all your research, in one place.

New Enhancement

Insights on Summary

You can now view insights on the summary screen!
Insights created from groups on the Analyze board are now automatically shown on the Summary tab. Now its easy to write up your Summary, upload your Slide Presentation, and share with your team or stakeholders. 

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