Enhancements August 2019

Summer might be winding down, but our team continues to bring the heat!

Our August updates include:

  • Bulk importing participants
  • OneDrive cloud storage integration
  • Data exporting enhancements
  • Ability to move studies between workspaces
  • Study filter enhancements

Bulk Importing Participants

If you already have a pool of users or customers you utilize for research sessions, you can now bulk import their information into Handrail and take advantage of our participant management features. Once you upload your CSV file, we’ll automatically create new and robust participant records you can search, filter, and add to upcoming research sessions.

To get started, download our CSV template, add your participant data, and let Handrail do the rest! Want to learn more about how it works? Schedule a time to talk.

Quickly upload all your participants and start recruiting today!

OneDrive Storage Integration

You’ve been asking for it so we added it! We’ve enhanced our cloud storage options by adding OneDrive. Now your team can utilize Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive to upload, store, and access all of your existing cloud files. These files could include items like:

  • Previous research
  • User scenarios
  • Project briefs
  • Design artifacts
  • Images
  • Audio/video files

Integrating storage also allows you to add images into rich text areas throughout the application. Common use cases for adding images might include:

  • Enhancing summary reports
  • Visuals of designs, concepts, or other images that can reference for specific research questions
  • Visual cues for people facilitating research sessions

(For adding images, please ensure public sharing is enabled within your cloud storage provider settings)

Data Export Enhancements

You can now export the data from your analysis boards. If you want to do more advance analysis on the groups, cards, and tags you’ve created in Handrail just click on the export data button on the Analysis tab. This will export a CSV you can import into your favorite data analysis tool or print out and share with others.

Move Studies Between Workspaces

How you organize research can make a big difference when trying to understand what you already know. Now you can quickly move studies to different workspaces in order to keep everyone organized and in control!

Study Filter Enhancements

We’ve added additional study filters to each workspace to make finding studies even easier! Now you can quickly identify studies by who created it or their status.

Schedule a Walkthrough

If you’d like to learn more about these updates, need a few tips and tricks on how to best utilize the platform, or feeling the need to organize and scale your user research? Reach out and schedule some time to talk with us.

About Handrail

Handrail helps enterprise teams scale their research practice. As research and design practitioners, we built Handrail to help teams collaborate throughout the entire user research process. You can collect, analyze, store, and share your research all in one location.

We are proud of what we’ve created, and we want to help research teams succeed. Experience Handrail today. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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