We’re interviewing startups across the country to discover the inspiration for their business, how they conducted user research and what advice they would give others in their startup journey.

From left to right: Keevin O’Rourke, Cody Caraway, Micheal Caraway and Alec Fetterer

Hi Cody! Thanks for taking the time to give us a peek into Monday Creations. Can you tell me a little How it started?


We (Michael, Keevin, and I) were all doing our own things. I had a software background and had been doing freelance work while working for another software company. Michael (My brother turned business partner) had his background in design and was working for a company that did web work. Keevin brought more of the marketing sales mindset. I didn’t know Keevin until I met him at an event called Startup Weekend. Within a couple of months I decided to turn my freelance work into a business with another software guy that I knew. At this same time Michael and Keevin were doing the same. After learning more about the complimentary skillsets we offered, we decided to sit down and discuss if there were any ways that we could outsource work to each other. This turned into a bigger discussion and we decided to merge the two.


Who is the team and what are their roles?


Michael Caraway: Partner

Cody Caraway: Partner

Alec Fetterer: Marketing

Keevin O’Rourke: Co-Founder


Is there a specific process or methodology you guys use?


We use a “spin-off” of Agile Scrum. We implemented it for a period of time and just adapted to what suited our team best. We’re currently moving into more of a remote environment (Thanks to 37 Signals)


What is the culture like at Monday Creations?


Very relaxed. We try to keep it very “flat” so that even our interns can speak up and tell us a better way to do something or suggest ideas. We don’t shut down creativity


Capturing moderated user research


Regarding user research, what are the different activities you guys do?


Competitor Analysis

Audience Analysis



Creative Sprint 1

Test w/ eye tracking

Final Build

Monitored user walk throughs w/ Handrail


So you guys use a lot of monitored testing practices. For you guys, what are the pros?


You can see the person’s emotions/struggles in person and ask them questions about that. But with un-monitored - their more likely to be honest with question answers because they’re not worried about hurting your feelings.

Monday Creations team

Where does the team draw their inspiration from?


Inspiration is everywhere with design. It could be street art, a book cover, or even product packaging. It’s everywhere!


What are some of the conferences you attend?


Big Omaha, EntreFEST, Up the Valley


What about keeping up your skills?


Our team is constantly training ourselves online through both free/paid education materials. We all read around a book per week as well.


What advice would you give to startups?


Make good connections and surround yourself with people who challenge you. It’s easy to stay in a shell and not get any better, but with challenge comes great reward! There’s never been an easier time to start a business so do it!


What do think is the most valuable thing you’ve learned so far?


You will mess up. Learn from it and keep pushing forward.


Awesome! Thanks Cody!

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