Nothing works better than just improving your product. - Joel Spolsky (Creator of our favorite PM tool Trello)
We totally agree with Joel and have been working hard to improve Handrail over the last month so you can improve your product or service. Check out some of the new features and let us know what you would like to see improved!- The Handrail Team


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Table of Contents:

  1. What we’ve been up to
  2. What’s next
1. What we’ve been up to
Roles and Rights


This role has the ability to:

  • Invite team members
  • Assign roles and rights
  • Create/edit and delete Personas, Tests &Sessions and Participants
  • Facilitate Tests


Assigned by an Admin, this team member can:

  • Create/edit and delete Personas, Tests &Sessions and Participants
  • Facilitate Tests

Read Only

Also assigned by an Admin, this role is restricted to:

  • View only
Exporting Test Data

We continue to improve our reporting, but we’ve always said the data you collect while doing user research is yours…well now we keep true to our word and actually allow you to download it!

Are there specific ways you are looking at your data and wish it was in Handrail? Let us know here: Trello board

More Deletion Options

Not being able to delete specific things has been a huge pain for some of you just wanting to test the system. Whew! It’s finally in
You can now delete:

  • Project
  • Personas
  • Tests
  • Sessions
  • Participants
Live Help

It’s always been important to us that you have the ability to quickly ask a question or get clarification when using Handrail, but now we are stepping it up a notch.

Starting today we are trying out a new way to offer help on the website and app through a service called Live Person.

This service will allow you to live chat with one of our “Agents” (a.k.a. Mat). Check it out and say hi!

2. What’s next
Next Release

Here’s a little taste of what we plan on releasing next:

  • Assigning roles when inviting users
  • Adding numbers to session
    • Indicating order of when they happened
  • Other awesome updates based on user testing!

Have an idea, request or suggestion for us as we develop Handrail? Let us know on our new Trello board!


September - Private Release to New Groups

October - Public Release

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