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Everything you need to plan, collect, analyze, and share user research. All in one location.
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Handrail Was Made For User Research


Quickly drag and drop questions to build your interview guide and then involve your entire team with the facilitation and note-taking process.


Embed surveys into your website, share them on social media or email them to your users groups to help you gather quantitative data.


Capture your users' wants, needs, and pain points within Handrail and then utilize the research you've collected in order to bring them to life.

Keeping track of post-it notes, notepads, and spreadsheets makes user research harder than it should be.


User research is hard without Handrail


Persona Creator and Interview Guide creator with question library

Preparing for Research is Hard.
Handrail Makes it Easy.

Doesn't matter if it's customer discovery, usability assessments, or anything in between. Quickly create an interview guide or survey from previous studies or utilize the built in question library.

"Handrail made organizing our customer interviews extremely efficient! No more wasting time flipping through endless interviews to find what I am looking for."
Matthew Rooda, President & CEO of Swineguard

Matthew Rooda

President & CEO, SwineTech
Collaborate and take notes on user research sessions and during usability testing

Design and development is a team sport.
Collaborate and stay in sync with Handrail.

With Handrail's Team Edition, everyone can get involved in the research process, capture notes and observations from their point of view, as well as stay on top of the latest findings.

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Capture everything.
No matter where you are.

Use Handrail on your mobile device during field visits or on your laptop in the lab. Easily capture answers, notes, and observations of your sessions whether in person or remote.

"Handrail brought organization to persona development and user testing for our company. Before we had a mixture of notes, documents, etc... and now we have everything bundled into one user-friendly location."
Cody Caraway, Partner, Monday Creations


Partner, Monday Creations
Collaborate and take notes on user research sessions and during usability testing
Real-time results

Analyze Your Data & Identify Insights.
Effectively & Efficiently.

Real time results provide you with meaningful information as soon as it's gathered. Quickly identify what's working and what needs to be improved.

"Handrail has helped us think about how to create valuable tests and collect the right kind of data when having conversations with our users."
Dan Sweeney, VP of Product and Co-Founder, Pear Deck™

Dan Sweeney

VP of Product & Co-Founder, Pear Deck™

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Handrail is free to use for 30 days. No Credit card required.
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